Thursday, January 05, 2012

Athletic Specific Products From Defense Soap

As a fact athletes are more susceptible to skin infections than other human beings. Ironic, isn’t it that athletes considered healthiest of all could be facing life threatening heath issues. Therefore a really strong measure is required to protect athletes from deadly skin infections to which they are prone. But before effective remedy for this is searched, few facts need to be noted.

Why Athletes Are More Prone To Skin Infection 

Commonly skin infection can transmit through two ways:
1) Direct transmission or close contact with the infected surface. Athletes of all genres stay in close contact with dirt filled surface. So it is natural for them to contract skin infection from these dirt filled surfaces.
Close contact supports like MMA, boxing, karate etc are even more dangerous.
This is because the athletes involved in these sports are facing their opponents up close and directly. So chances are that if opponent has some kind skin infection it will pass on to other athletes.
2) Sharing personal items or using common gym equipments are the best ways skin infection gets bacteria transmitted.  Under no circumstance should one share personal items with fellow athlete. You never know, they might be infected some transferable skin infection.

Three Most Common Skin Infections Found In Athletes are:-
1. Staphylococcus aureus “Staph”
2. Herpes
3. Tinea “Ringworm”

How Athletes Can Fight Such High Susceptibility Of Skin Infection?

Yes, there is absolutely a solution, especially made for athletes to protect them against this menace. Defense Soap is very actively involved in producing line of products which cater to the problem encountered by Athletes specifically.

Defense Soap - Bath is important for athletes. After the practice is over it is advisable for athletes to take a bath so one can get rid of dirt and sweat. Triple action Defense Soap is highly recommended because it is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal soap which promises great protection against all the threats for skin infection.  

Defense Soap Body Wipes – Sweaty practice sessions and in-between intervals for drinks and snacks can be utilized for quick cleaning.  These on the move body wipes are infused with natural essence of eucalyptus and Tea Tree oils. They come in portable packs. One wipe can be used to wipe sweat from face, hands or underarms. Therefore direct contact of dirty hand or from dirty, used by all gym towels is not there.  

Ultimate Foot Cleaning Station – If you’re a close combat sport athletes you will be accustomed to intensive foot movement.  Feet can be an easy entry point for bacteria and most athletes do not care for protecting them. Moving around the gym bare foot and practicing bare feet on the mat are all inviting factors for skin infection. But Defense Soap have innovated a very clever concept here, the Ultimate Foot Cleaning Station. It’s one of the kind products from Defense Soap to protect feet, which is normally ignored by athletes.

So get your kit for protection against the deadly skin infection today.

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