Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How To Maintain Hygienic Skin 24X7 ?

What is the foremost step to gain & maintain good health? The best answer to this question is- taking care of personal hygiene. Personal hygiene involves taking care of yourself and your surroundings as well. It starts with the simple step of daily bath and continues beyond to have neat and clean surroundings. We nourish and fuel our body by taking a balanced diet; similarly our skin also seeks regular attention.

A lot of people with bad body odor are blissfully unaware of it. Taking care of your skin, hair, oral hygiene, etc. are the fundamentals of basic cleanliness. In ancient history Romans baths were famous and popular wide over. They developed their bathing into fine arts (evolution of spa serving as the best example). Bathing is also practiced as a religious ritual in many parts of the world. Therapeutic baths are used in the field of medicine; this includes hydrotherapy, stress relieving spas & saunas and at times rehabilitation baths too.

Importance Of Bathing In Skin Cleaning

Our skin, the largest and superficial organ of the body, protects the inner organs by itself serving as barrier for external agents. It is our responsibility to keep our skin safe and dwelling healthily. Failing to do so can result in skin infections ranging from mild to fatal, for example- acne, ringworm, staph, MRSA, etc. At times an open cut or wound can let the microbes pass into the bloodstream which can be devastating for internal organs. Combat athletes are always at a greater risk of contracting these diseases. Then how does one stay safe?

The answer is provided by Defense Soap- the best antimicrobial soap. It is a natural soap, free from harmful chemicals (like Triclosan). The basic ingredients of this bath soap are the essential oils derived from Tea Tree and Eucalyptus leaves. These oils are known to have strong antimicrobial properties and work as antiseptic as well.

Imagine a wrestler drenched in sweat in between a match. This moment doesn’t allow him to cleanse and cool off in a shower. What does he do then? Not to worry, Defense soap is up again with the solution. Tea Tree Oil Cleansing Wipes from Defense Soap provides no rinse insta-cleaning. Moreover, these wipes are portable and easy to use.

Instant Skin Cleansing With Easy 3-Step Process
Step 1: Wipe off sweat with a towel. 
Step 2: Take a body wipe and cleanse the target areas.
Step 3: Dispose off the used wipe.

See it’s simple & easy! So, whether you’ve got time for shower or not, bath soap and body wipes from Defense Soap can help you maintain your skin hygiene throughout. A 24X7 skin care nourishes your skin to suppleness and smoothness. The ever glowing beautiful skin will thank you in its own unique way.

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