Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Defense soap in news

The range of products includes Defense Soap bars, Defense barrier foams, Defense body wipes, Defense shower gel, Defense equipment spray, Defense essential oils and Defense healing salve. Defense soap has designed antibacterial soap and other products for combat athletes specially. The focus has been on manufacturing sanitizing product for protection against harmful microbes.

Combat athletes remain indulged in close physical contact with their opponents and that’s why become victims of hazardous skin infections. These antibacterial products have ingredients that are really tough on germs and maintain protective action for long. That’s why Defense soap products are capable of protecting athletes from skin conditions like MRSA, Ringworm, Staph and Herpes.

In its majestic journey till date, Defense soap has had the privilege
to make some sophisticated deals and become the center of attention internationally. Let’s review Defensesoap in news:

  • Defense Soap as official partner of USA Judo

Last year in May, Defense Soap entered into a partnership with USA Judo. Defense Soap, the producer of body cleaners for wrestlers, signed to be an official sponsor of USA Judo. Sherrie Phillips, Director of Marketing for USA Judo, had announced it.
As part of the sponsorship agreement, the clubs of USA Judo had got the opportunity to market and sell Defense Soap products. That implied to a way to do commission-based distribution in order to raise money for their programs. Guy Sako, founder of Defense Soap, took it as a matter of honor that a prestigious organization like USA Judo had relied on Defensesoap to protect their athletes.

  • Defense Soap getting access to 3,000 Canadian gyms

Defense Soap LLC and Hatashita International entered into an agreement. The agreement gave Defense Soap access to 3,000 gyms in Canada. This is to be noted that Hatashita International had started as a martial arts uniform company over 60 years ago and evolved into one of the leading combat sport and martial arts suppliers in ?North America.
Defense Soap was esteemed to be distributed by a company of this level. Hatashita believed that Defense Soap was doing excellent by producing very popular athlete-friendly sanitizing products.

  • Defense Soap introduced the ultimate foot cleaning station

Defense Soap LLC introduced “the ultimate foot cleaning station.” It was a step toward preventing combat athletes from coming in contact with harmful bacteria that keep sticking to mats and bathroom floors.
The Defense Soap “Foot Cleaning Station” was a brilliant idea to enable combat athletes to fight catching skin infections. It comprised of four quality components – a large plastic tub, a self-scrub mat, an absorbent anti-slip towel and an organic cleaning solution.

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